Nuffnang BH

Nov 10, 2010


Ok mari bercerita tentang tempat yang sedang aku duduki. Aku tidak berapa sukai tempat yang aku duduki sekarang. Penuh dengan orang yang bermuka-muka. Yang dah sedia ada muka menambah muka. Owh shit. This is what we call work place? Work place should be full or half full with ethic, professionalism, transparent, loyalty bla3. Oh my God. Is it i am at wrong place?

Many people say, it is normal, i mean their culture to have politician in the office. Well, i 100% reject the idea. Office will stay as an office, not a place for assemblyman. If you is the YB or what so ever, talk about sweet things and promise for many things then act like you are the boss or always “bodek” the boss; my answer is always i hate you man.

Why I am so emotional today? Don’t ask me. Readers can judge based on what I write now. How the environment in work place influence me to be a bad people. Ok in conclusion i hate politic in office, hypocrite, and seangkatan dengannya.