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Jul 19, 2010

SeBelum dan sElepas


"girls...we have a good news for u..u r going to Beirut next week and will join 1 month training on application..ur flight will be dis saturday and training start on 12 July.."...xxxxxx

owh xmahu pergi..Beirut?? benci..dipaksa pergi..dan terpaksa pergi..sungguh x ikhlas perasaan itu..jd dipendekkan cerita berkejaran buat passport dan setelkan apa yg ptot..sgt benci mengemas.

hari seterusnya attend briefing from mr director..sign aggreement,duit..bla33..owh mengapa..mengapa aku yg terpilih..


long journey..back pained..headached..tired..exhausted..finally reached Beirut. checked in at Rotana Hotel..nice hotel but not the surronded. walk almost 20 mins to find food..very dangerous place...bad traffic, bad driver, police with gun are everywhere...omg i wanna go home..

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